TBRI® Learning Circle

A Learning Circle is a group where all participants explore a topic of discussion and learn from each other in the process. In each Learning Circle, I will introduce a different TBRI-related topic. Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) is a framework for trauma responsive caregiving. It often gives hope and healing to caretakers struggling with challenging behaviors.  However, sometimes TBRI can be challenging to implement when first learning. In addition to elaborating your knowledge on a particular TBRI-related topic, you will have time to evaluate the topic in relation to your own life, engage with the material and each other, and explore ways you can implement these concepts to your specific family situation.  My hope for you in participating in these monthly Learning Circles are for you to grow your insight and relationships with other caretakers to help you in your foster/kinship/adoption journey. Here’s the basic format: (Evaluate, Elaborate, Engage & Explore).  This course is taught by Tristen McGhee.  Tristen is a TBRI Practitioner, Adoptive Parent, Foster and adoptive parent trainer, Master of Education in Trauma and Neuroscience, a Foster Kinship Continuing Education Trainer, dedicating over a decade to developing curriculum and advocating for foster and adopted children.